One wish.

Yesterday, I wrote here,without thinking,my ultimate wish were after, I came to thought of what REALLY should be my wish(one and only wish). I use to desire materials in life, not all, but maybe some luxuries that I find myself somehow satisfy. As a fourth year student and forthcoming college, I want my wish(if it will come true) to benefit me for  long lasting time. I seriously deliberated(all by myself) what should be my ultimate wish and I arrived to an excellent wish that me and also my family would benefit.

I want to pass my college entrance exams!

Simple wish but it really mean great to me. To passed all my college entrance test would give me and my family such honor and pride to applause to. 

I only have average head and I am not that too intellegent to cope up fast in our lessons. Maybe I only have 50% chance base on my pure knowledge to pass all the exams and if 50% or 100% grace of mercy and  force will be given to me by our Lord it will become 100%! CONGRATULATIONS MICAH!

My wish is a chance of fate.Chance of luck.Chance of %.Chance of Mercy. I am too eager to wish for another... this is just my only wish LORD... I will wait! 

I am not pushing myself to this wish, of course if i will not passed it's okay. The great thing is j I did my best:) I believe that everything happens for reason therefore; that reason maybe a good reason which may benefit more than I expected to:)

Still, I'll wait.