I really hate myself

My annoying and wasted self:(



I am such a crying lady. I embarrass myself because of crying stupidly. I really hate crying in front of those people who always sees me smiling and laughing. I just feel so STUPID. Yes, crying can express what I feel but sometimes, I just cry for just an stupid reason! 

Like what happened this day...

I got home from school a little bit upset because our door was locked and I really hate it. I went up to my room and will get the shirt I cut yesterday. I know where did I put it but when I was looking it in there it was gone. I was like super duper annoyed because when I am in school the only thing I have in my mind is to make that shirt!!!! and when I got home I don't where it is. I cried because I am so upset.

After a minute, Mama J. saw it and gave it to me but I unlocked my door because I don't want her to see me crying because of that simple shirt I am happy with:(

I slept for 4 hours!

They knocked my door but I didn't open it intendedly because I was ashamed. Mama J. opened it using a key and she was talking to me but I just somehow ignore her because I was really ashamed of what I did.


I just feel so so so so so super sad and wasted today. I feel like I make them so disappointed for the little things which made me cry:(( I just don't know that I will cry hard because I am upset. I really hate myself. I should die:(



I am not really fund of having stuff toys. I have many stuff toys way back in Isabela but I just displayed some of them in our cabinet. I am REALLY super practical person. I want my gifts to be so useful to me and I can wear or even use it in the future.

Hello meet my stuff-bear. It was a gift to me by my friend, Martha. So cute, I named her, RED RIBBON because my classmate added a red ribbon on her neck. :P(nonsense?)

I really love this shot! super !

Another oh-so-lovely shot! Now, with Ribbon clip:P


Oh I know, she's cute:p haha! I really love her so much!