I want an accessories on my teeth!

I want an accessories in my teeh! Omygah! Not the usual accessory thing but the brace or retainer..
I want to have a brace because I feel like my teeth are not in their proper position or somewhat but other people say it's normal but. I just feel wrong :(

I want to have braces. I want a color purple or pink becuase it catches attention and it's kinda cute.

or I most like to have a rainbow color braces:D 

I saw an image of without braces and with braces. yah, both good but I really like the WITH BRACES. 

Okay. I know that having braces is like putting fence on you teeth and they said that it hurts and the fact that its expensive so if I will not get any braces I would just like to have a retainer.

I really want some:)

K. So people are confuse what is the difference between BRACES AND RETAINERS.
Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces, or simply braces) are devices used in the orthodontic industry that help align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health.

Orthodontic retainers are custom-made devices, made usually of wires or clear plastic, that hold teeth in position after surgery or any method of realigning teeth. They are most often used before or after dental braces to hold teeth in position while assisting the adjustment of the surrounding gums to changes in the bone. 


Let's pray for Libya

One of the most talk happenings right is the people protest about their government and many people are being killed.

SHREDDED / BEAT   A torn portrait of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi at the airport in Bayda, Libya, where several days of heavy fighting reportedly took place between pro-Qaddafi militias and opposition gunmen.  (Photo: Ed Ou / The New York Times)

I just saw this on facebook!