Creative Vintage shoot

We had our Creative Shot last January 22,2011 and we need to have a vintage outfit. First, I went to Salon not to fix my hair or face but to fix my nails.
Maygah, Sorry for my dirty feet.
Let me explain:p, I just shot it AFTER our photoshoot
that's why it's not clean anymore

One hand:D
So, I got my pedicure and manicure. My ingrown hurts(another story for that later) that's why I have band aid on one of my feet. My nail polish is just colorless but it's really shiny. I am not fund of using shiny colorless nail polish but now, I'm loving it.

My out-of-nowhere dress.
So that's my so-called vintage outfit. Actually it's not a whole or should I say Full Dress. The pearls are the one I made(see here:D) and the ribbon in it is the clip my classmate gave and the ribbon clip that Red Ribbon wear(see here:D).