Day 01- Introduce yourself

So, okay. First, I am Micah Sales. They call me micah(I know nothing change at all) but I prefer to be called aka because I want:D
Now, I am 14 years old and turning 15 this March. I am senior student and will soon be a freshman college student. I am childish even though I always deal with older ages because in our room I am the youngest. haha:D
I have a tan color. yes, I am not white:( but I love to have a white complexion because of the fact that if you have white complexion even if you’re not pretty enough you will still stand out:) right?right? but NAH, I am CONTENTED of my complexion now because even though I am not white I will stand out. It’s in the face and heart, not the color:)
I am not fat nor thin. I am on the middle one. I am having my diet routine and I hope it’s effective:)
I am 5’2”. They say that in a 14 years old 5’2” is enough but I want to become tall like 5’7” or 5’9” :) I want to be a model. That is my top secret dream but now it’s not anymore a top secret:) Viewing Tv influenced me. Watching America’s next top model and FTV inspired me to dream to become a model. haha
I love everything:D yea, even my enemies. I think I don’t have one:D 
I am a quite type of girl AT FIRST. haha. but I am really insane and talkative!! I used to laugh in corny jokes but when I am not in the mood I will not really laugh! If you will try to make me laugh when I am in bad mood, swear, you will just embarrass yourself. 
I am a good person. I am born-again and nurtured by the love of GOD. I am God and family inspired person.