Oh hi there:)

Meet the Blogger:)

I am Micah Sales. 

A childish miss & messy girl. I talk & write a bunch of a day. I love photos which kept memories revealed. I appreciate TRIPS about my life and other people lives. A serious crying lady is such a messed up description of me. I like foods. A God inspired &amp; realistic woman. I love to say Hello to you<3
I dream to be a writer, a photographer, a musician, a drama actress, an editor....That's why I'M A DREAMER<3

I love to write online[or manual] of what I feel--sad, happy, excited....because I do more release what I really felt on writing. 

I also love photography:D I took my own pictures like I am having my own photo shoot where I am the only one involving in it--I am the photographer, the make-up artist and the model:D

I wanna be called,'BLOGGER'