About Math?

yah,These are the lessons we need to review for our Third monthly test and he's my teacher in math(Mr. Jayson Soriano). As much as possible and as much as I can, I am loving MATH. I don't want to hate it like the other gals out there who constantly saying that they hate math because I make a point of view where I need to pass this subject. I am just an average girl who do not totally know what Math's up too but I know this is not the worst subject ever. It maybe hard but the truth is we only make it hard.I am not saying that I am INTELLIGENT in math because I'm not, I just want to say that even if you flip in Math subject just love it though because if you love it more you love to study in it:)


Inaugural speech of mine

My first official post here in my blog..ehem ehem:)

First of all, I wanna say 'hi' to you and 'thank you' for reading this right now.I don't want to sound like a boring wannabe blogger or some usual formal blogger because I don't want to be like that.

So, first meet me:) I am Micah Sales.  I really don't like smileys:):):):) SWEAR!:) I love to say 'haha'. I write shaggy things that comes to my mind.

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Thanksfor reading this non-sense post:) Feel free to chat me in my cbox.thanked you