My first-ever Ingrown

Before, I noticed that my toe has a bulky something but I ignore it because I thought that it was just a cause of my new shoes. Later, it got hurts so badly and my mama J. said that it was ingrown. At house, she partly removed my ingrown. I thought my toe will be okay but unfortunately, it wasn't and it's still hurting so we decided to go into a salon where manicurists and pedicurists are experts. When we were on the salon, the pedicurist removed my ingrown and it  bled:| I was so shocked when I saw the blood coming out from where my ingrown is removed. I was like shaking because it's my first time! but now it's okay. It still hurts but not that as before. I will really clean my nails always and always. I will also remove all my ingrown or possibly become an ingrown thingy on my toes. 

 Look at that dirty feet>:| haha, This is after my vintage photo shoot. 
Sorry for the photo if it's too revealing. I blurred it.
So, that's my toe. *sigh* I will really keep myself clean ALWAYS. I don't want to have this again. I swear!