Totally insane. Nung nakita ko 'tong photo na 'to naisip ko, kamukha ko yung idol ko sino pa ba eh di si SAAB MAGALONA! :) FEELER AKO EH. 

For you to know, I posted this pic in tumblr and facebook saying na kamukha ko siya pero of course, may kasamang JOKE baka awayin ako ng fellow followers ni SAAB M. diba?

Do i look like her? ECHOS.


Pretty much on skin!

This photo is not mine:)
I am not that too white nor black. I think,on the picture, I am the first one:):|

Agree or not, some people look their fellas based on their skin tone.

 If you're white enough to shine under the sun, OHGAH, you pretty!

If you're on the average complexion that trying to save your skin not to go to black, then you PRETTY enough:|

And if you're black, one must say,'NOT PRETTY!'

People of this hell-in-land world! What is happening to you guys? Don't discriminate other people base on what skin tone they have! SKIN TONE! gaaaahhhhhd. A very light and not acceptable judgement!

I'm not angry! LOL. I just wonder why people are such sarcasm? They tend to JUDGE other people with the one's they see on their bold eyes. PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH, WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS? PLEASE,A MILLION PLEASE, USE IT!



When things get dull.

We had our Christmas Party in our school on December 21, 2010. And sadly, we celebrate our so-called PARTY in just 2 hours in span time of 4 hours. I don't know what happened to our egos to have the spirit of Christmas in our classroom. Anyways, after our much-awaited-but-turned-to-be-dull Christmas Party we went to Jensan's house at Questa(oh! I said the place! wag niyo siyang iiistalk! haha. watever!)
Then, we had our own Pancit Canton Party!(I call it that way!)

My friends will beat me if they saw this pictures!! haha:))

Merry Christmas Everybody!