Passion: I have one, what's yours?

For me, passion is about an interest of ours. An intense interest which motivate us more to live in this boring world. In a modern definition, passion kills boredom!!! right,right?

Do you have any passion? A thing that can make you move? that can make you excited? or simply smile?

If you'll ask me.. ofcourse,I have!!! The thing that bounds me everyday and everytime I do it is
taking and editing pictures. (as one)

I love taking pictures, I am in-love with them! It is my great pleasure to hold a camera, to focus on one object and to take great shots! I just can't imagine the world without pictures or even worst, without a camera.

In taking a shot, for me, the most important are the angle and the lighting(howmaygad! I sound like a proffesional photographer haha.)because without acknowledging these two a photo could be not so effective(it's my opinion though)

Another one is editing photos, I do love different photoshops. I edit photos such as the lighting, effects, objects etc. I also make typographies or banners(promotion??)

That is my passion! Everyone of us has one. Some see it, some didn't and some are just blind. Nobody can tell us what our passion because it's our own mind and heart who do it.

It is so good to finally found something that you know you want forever. Passion is just like a hobby!! So, what's your passion?