Raid: My Mama J.'s shoes'

Here are some pictures I took from my Mama J.'s shoes' ..

Yah I know the pictures are not in high quality:DD Don't worry If I will get my DSLR(wish) I will have more great photos to come..

The shoes are dirty! I also know that:D It's a RAID! c'mon!:P 



Let's celebrate Jesus' birthday with smiles on our faces and a great love on our hearts. In every ways of our life we are already familiar with this season of giving, sharing and loving. 

We are very excited when we hear the heart-popping word 'CHRISTMAS' , we think about the unwrapping of gifts, the never-ending parties and the childhood addiction of Santa Claus but sometimes we intend to forget what is the true essence and why are we celebrating CHRISTMAS.

"Sometimes, the more excited we get, the more we forget the truth."

 Children always think Christmas as the season of gifts which Santa Claus give. It is not bad to associate Santa Claus to Christmas because it gives some thrill but do not over limit it like we're celebrating Christmas as Santa's season. We, youngsters, as a sister(ate) or brother(kuya) must elaborate more to our little sister or brother why we really celebrate Christmas for them to know the true essence of Christmas.

Our much-awaited Christmas is only for our beloved savior Jesus Christ. His birth is the reason why love is shared and spread all over the world. His birth is the reason why we are celebrating Christmas. And His birth is the reason why we have Jesus and saved from our sins.

It's not wicked to applause Santa Claus, gifts, parties and etc as long we know in our minds, souls and hearts why we have CHRISTMAS.