We will have our monthly exam tomorrow and I need to review well because it's already our FOURTH QUARTER:D

Please pray for me that I will get high grades and will answer all the question provided in the exam! Thank you.




The month of February is the time where students especially third years will experience the most-awaited JS PROM.

Way back when I was still a second year high school student. My friends and I always talked and chatted about what dress should we wear, who will be our first dance and so... Unfortunately, When I was third year high school I transferred to a more strict school. They do not have PROM and that is the most saddest fact I ever accepted. It's like the dream I am hoping to come true just remain a dream forever.I envy those who experienced JS prom because they experience the very exciting part of being a high school student:(

But..oh well, that's life. You must accept and move on even though to the hurtful things. All I can do now is to smile and be happy because as my motto goes,'EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.'