When I was customizing my tumblr pages I saw this article of mine long time ago! haha.. This article is so lame and dull. I just posted here because of the fact that even though I really not felt falling in-love I already have the knowledge through gossips and others experiences.:D

All about crushes=‘>

< I know most of those who will read this are girls:]>

What does CRUSH really means? Is it love? Affection? Or just simply admiring someone? According to MWWP dictionary Crush means short-lived love: a temporary romantic attraction, especially in teenagers and young people.

“ Short-lived love” which means it does not last for so long or it does not take over a year. Me too have crushes especially on TV personalities but somehow they do not last for so long it just take months or even just weeks.

Crush is not love. Crush is just only a venerate feeling of somebody to another or just simple idolizing somebody for many reasons <example the way he/she acts, moves, dances, sings or his/her eyes, lips, face, etc.>

Here’s some friend I know who had a CRUSH on a guy but it lasted just a few months because the girl’s feeling of admiring the guy faded away< in tagalog, bigla na lang nawala> and me, as an example, I had a crush on one of the TV personalities, I always watched his teleserye, his guesstings even his movie but it lasted for a short-time because I do not adore his good-looking charm anymore< in tagalog again, nagsawa na!> so that’s what crush is.

Yes, at first you feel your heart dreadfully beating because you admire or are attract to his/her physical appearance but after a short-time you can’t feel anything with him/her. Admiring is also a means of crush. Example, you have a crush on a guy because you admire/adore/idolize his eyes.

Here’s some conclusion of differences between love and crush but we will first describe what is LOVE<very strong affection: an intense feeling of tender affection and compassion> as the description explain;

(1)love is a very strong affection to someone while in crush, yes, you feel affectionate to someone but it is not hard as love, it does not have a foundation to last eternity < sosyal” last eternity”>
(2) If you really love a person you will look outside and inside of him/her but if you just have a simple crush on someone you are just looking on his/her physical appearance although you can also admire his/her attitude but often times we have a crush on somebody because of his/her physical attraction .
 (3)Love is an affection or passion of two people while crush is just simply adoring about what you are attracted to.
(4) Crush is sometimes an imaginary feeling< based on the ones’ I know and also my experiences> on the one you are attracted to because it last for just a few time while love is a feeling of gratitude to somebody which if you really love a person for how he/she is it can last a long time.
(5) Crush is just a temporary attraction or just a short-term reaction to somebody while love is continuing feeling to somebody.

So that’s what I concluded:] < all I wrote on my conclusion are all on my bases, my points and opinions> even though how many explanation are given to the word “CRUSH” it’s just merely a feeling of attraction which lasted for just an interim time.

Here’s a fact which I know somebody who really experience it, first thing you will have a crush on somebody so you will go closer to him/her< closer means become friends or anything like that>, next, you will become friends then good friends then close friends then it will become BFF when you two really know each other the boy or even the girl will show affection< just a light affection> then there will come the courtship of course next is LOVE. See, crush and love really got a distance to each other. Again, I will remind you that Crush is just an attraction of infatuation to somebody.

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