Bad words are really BAD. They should be called VERY-VERY-ANNOYING-BAD-WORDS. I don't want to say bad words but TEMPTATIONS are still around trying to pick me up.

In our school specifically in our classroom, my classmates are saying bad words and sometimes as I hear it I am tempt to say it but I thank God because I DIDN'T SAY ANY AWFUL WORDS!(yet?) haha..

I admit that sometimes when I am very mad as in super mad.. I intend to think bad words but fortunately, I never say them just like....I am just thinking to say  it but I am competing myself between temptation and luckily, I always win.

Yes, it's an EXPRESSION but don't forget that it's also a SIN. It's a sin n a sense that BAD WORDS have awful meaning(ALL HAVE AWFUL MEANING!) 

 My friends used to say BAD words but I am not letting myself to be influence by them because I use what they called SENSE OF SELF-CONTROL.

Here are some TIPS?(maybe.) That you can do to avoid saying the sinful(or for you an "expression")

1.) Use OTHER WORDS as your expression.
2.)  CONTROL yourself.
3.) Take down notes how many times you say bad words in a day.
4.) Do take your limitations.
5.) When you're very mad, instead of saying BAD WORDS, take a pen and crush in over your paper or write everything you want to say(except for bad words.)
6.) If you do not intend to say bad words(e.g. You say bad word because of your shock), try to keep your mind that you already sinned(yes, that's what I do...eventhough I think of that word.. I take it to my conscience so that I will never think of it again)
7.) The most important thing... READ A BIBLE.

Oh well, it's in the person if he/she like to say BAD WORDS or not, right? I just wrote it for the sake of Have a good day by saying a GOOD WORDS:))