Times runs so fast.

I never thought that it's already December.

Time flys so badly! I feel that I never enjoyed my past months in 2010 or rather the whole 2010 year. BUT if I really think deeply, 2010 is such memorable year because this is where I started FOURTH YEAR life. The haggardness I spent on reviewing for exams, the laughters we've shared in our classroom, the shouts we stressed out in our hearts and the dreary discussions we intend to slept at.

Really? I will miss those days. I wish time will freeze at these moments. I wish something very memorable will happen to me. I wish..I wish.. I wish..

I will left this year with so much anticipation of the things I wish I did. I hate it! I think I never spent my whole self in this year. HAY! Now I learn that there is more trickier than LIFE and that is, TIME.

Did you ever experiece when you have a project and will say,'i will do this after I finished surfing the net' and then, you will not really do it and seemingly telling yourself that you forgot it and then, you will rush on the deadline period ?

If you experienced that horrible but funny thing, I think you know what I feel right now about tha fast track of 2010.

I feel like I am in a hurry of the things I wish I did in the past days of the year 2010. I feel like I always forgot everything!

It's already DECEMBER and the next few DAYS!  It will be year 2011! A brand new year to start off. A brand new time to spend on. Now, I will really use my TIME correctly as i've experience here in the year 2010.

I also thank year 2010 for realizing me this kind of point-of-view-in-life. For I will take good care of my time right now~:)

Be happy and always smile even though things may go in a hurry! Be calm and patient with the things you wish to come true.  Be grateful of the joy that's in your heart.

Be alive because God will be born! AGAIN!:)