I want an accessories on my teeth!

I want an accessories in my teeh! Omygah! Not the usual accessory thing but the brace or retainer..
I want to have a brace because I feel like my teeth are not in their proper position or somewhat but other people say it's normal but. I just feel wrong :(

I want to have braces. I want a color purple or pink becuase it catches attention and it's kinda cute.

or I most like to have a rainbow color braces:D 

I saw an image of without braces and with braces. yah, both good but I really like the WITH BRACES. 

Okay. I know that having braces is like putting fence on you teeth and they said that it hurts and the fact that its expensive so if I will not get any braces I would just like to have a retainer.

I really want some:)

K. So people are confuse what is the difference between BRACES AND RETAINERS.
Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces, or simply braces) are devices used in the orthodontic industry that help align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health.

Orthodontic retainers are custom-made devices, made usually of wires or clear plastic, that hold teeth in position after surgery or any method of realigning teeth. They are most often used before or after dental braces to hold teeth in position while assisting the adjustment of the surrounding gums to changes in the bone. 


Let's pray for Libya

One of the most talk happenings right is the people protest about their government and many people are being killed.

SHREDDED / BEAT   A torn portrait of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi at the airport in Bayda, Libya, where several days of heavy fighting reportedly took place between pro-Qaddafi militias and opposition gunmen.  (Photo: Ed Ou / The New York Times)

I just saw this on facebook!



Sorry if I do not update this blog much because I need to do many projects this grading:(

 As a graduating student, I need to do it because it will be our clearance. K? 'nuff said.

Thanks for reading this. I love you:*


Ilang days na lang o.0

Ilang days na lang pala graduate na ako. College na ako. :( pero ilang days na lang babye high school na! Nagkkwentuhan nga kami ng classmate ko eh tungkol sa grade school days namin tapos narealize namin na siguro kapag college na kami ang pag-uusapan naman namin ay yung high school life namin.
Masaya na nakakalungkot dahil aalis na ako sa high school. Iiwanan ko na ang buhay high school. Magiging isang memory na lang ang high school para sa akin. Parang nakaraan lang eh ggraduate ako ng grade 6 tapos ngayon high school naman ana tapos sa susunod college naman na! ang bilis ng panahon. tsk. kaya kailangan din bilisan ang galaw:D
Masaya ako dahil madami akong magagandang experience sa high school ko. Mga friends ko na super hindi ko makakalimutan at marami pang iba na kapag inisa-isa ko dito ay humaba pa ng husto tong post ko.
High school ang part na hinding hindi ko makakalimutan dahil dito ako ng grow up bilang isang tao:) Dito ko binago yung mg attitudes ko na kailangan ng baguhin. Dito ko rin nalaman yung reality sa mundo at kung ano-ano pang inspiring lessons:D
Ilang days na lang…hello college at bbye high school na!
Ayokong malungkot peor nakakalungkot talaga eh! Siguro hindi yung tao yung mamimiss ko dahil may fb naman at tumblr or twitter na pwedeng mag commnunicate pero ang mamimiss ko talaga eh yung MOMENTS NAMIN. un lang:\



We will have our monthly exam tomorrow and I need to review well because it's already our FOURTH QUARTER:D

Please pray for me that I will get high grades and will answer all the question provided in the exam! Thank you.




The month of February is the time where students especially third years will experience the most-awaited JS PROM.

Way back when I was still a second year high school student. My friends and I always talked and chatted about what dress should we wear, who will be our first dance and so... Unfortunately, When I was third year high school I transferred to a more strict school. They do not have PROM and that is the most saddest fact I ever accepted. It's like the dream I am hoping to come true just remain a dream forever.I envy those who experienced JS prom because they experience the very exciting part of being a high school student:(

But..oh well, that's life. You must accept and move on even though to the hurtful things. All I can do now is to smile and be happy because as my motto goes,'EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.'


Day 02- Your first love

First love? As in, love? Let me think?

I really don't know falling in love. Yea, so innocent!
Seriously. I think I never been in love. I have some crushes but I think that is not LOVE. If I will have my first love then, I will go back to this part and truthfully answer this:D


February 14, 2011: HEART'S DAY


To whom did you spend you valentines day? Friends? Bestfriends? Family? or someone SPECIAL? ='>
I bet those girls who have someone SPECIAL received something very usual like bouquets, chocolates, surprises and etc. 

Actually, I didn't get anything. I just got a chocolate from my friend, Viviene. I am so lucky I have her:D haha. I spent my valentines with my dear friends. We're all TOGETHER ALONE.

and we belong to the group
Haha, or I think I am the only one who is ALONE and belong to SMP group? 
I really wish there is this someone who will surprise me and give me a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of ice cream!!! (instead of chocolates. I really somehow don't like sweets) and then he'll dance me with the sway of my favorite song='> how sweet, right?

But yea, this 2011 VALENTINES is not my special valentine at all. I guess all I can do now is just wait for that valentine and the special person to come. 

Happy valentine's again! Be happy and spread the love of GOD & YOURSELF.


Day 01- Introduce yourself

So, okay. First, I am Micah Sales. They call me micah(I know nothing change at all) but I prefer to be called aka because I want:D
Now, I am 14 years old and turning 15 this March. I am senior student and will soon be a freshman college student. I am childish even though I always deal with older ages because in our room I am the youngest. haha:D
I have a tan color. yes, I am not white:( but I love to have a white complexion because of the fact that if you have white complexion even if you’re not pretty enough you will still stand out:) right?right? but NAH, I am CONTENTED of my complexion now because even though I am not white I will stand out. It’s in the face and heart, not the color:)
I am not fat nor thin. I am on the middle one. I am having my diet routine and I hope it’s effective:)
I am 5’2”. They say that in a 14 years old 5’2” is enough but I want to become tall like 5’7” or 5’9” :) I want to be a model. That is my top secret dream but now it’s not anymore a top secret:) Viewing Tv influenced me. Watching America’s next top model and FTV inspired me to dream to become a model. haha
I love everything:D yea, even my enemies. I think I don’t have one:D 
I am a quite type of girl AT FIRST. haha. but I am really insane and talkative!! I used to laugh in corny jokes but when I am not in the mood I will not really laugh! If you will try to make me laugh when I am in bad mood, swear, you will just embarrass yourself. 
I am a good person. I am born-again and nurtured by the love of GOD. I am God and family inspired person. 



Photo courtesy of someone on tumblr:D

So I decided to do this challenge because of the fact that I do not update much this blog :) and I really want to do this a long time ago but I don't have time before but now, I am ready to do it!!! ~*give it beybeh*~ 

Yea, please update my blog to update my 30 days challenge:D

Thank you!!!